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Could You Be A Balmonds Ambassador?

Spread the good news about Skin Salvation! Give discount codes to friends & family, and earn from every sale you generate!

How did you hear about Skin Salvation? Was it someone at your child’s playgroup noticing a patch of dry skin and mentioning what they’d used for their own eczema? Did your aunt or granny send you a sample? Maybe you heard about it from friends who knew you’d been struggling to control your flare-ups?

Or perhaps you saw a tweet, Facebook post or Instagram review that raved about the dramatic effects of Skin Salvation?

Whoever it was that brought Balmonds to your attention, you’re not alone if you first heard about it from someone you know! Over 90% of our customers come to us because a friend or family member has recommended Skin Salvation after having success with it themselves. Word of mouth is an extraordinarily effective way of getting the news out about how genuinely life-changing a product Skin Salvation is, because no advert is worth more than heartfelt recommendations from people you trust.

We’re always grateful to our customers for sharing their stories with friends and family, whether it’s on social media, at the school gates or in the pub, but we’re really excited that we can now reward them for any sales they generate via our Balmonds Ambassador Programme.

So if you’re a long-time Skin Salvation fan and keen to get the word out to others who might be in desperate need of something to help their sore skin, consider joining us as a brand ambassador.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, active on Twitter or Instagram, or just someone who is passionate about the products and might know friends whose skin would benefit from a bit of Balmonds, anyone who loves the product is welcome to apply for affiliate status. Spread the good news about Skin Salvation and you’ll earn a percentage of every sale that comes from your recommendation!

We return a generous 20% of any sales you generate! You just provide friends or followers with a code, and your commission will automatically be paid to you.

Apply to be a Balmonds Ambassador here.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

Influencers & Bloggers

If you're an influencer in the UK and would like samples for review, then please email We're not currently working with influencers beyond the UK as we don't yet have worldwide distribution.

We'd particularly love to hear from influencers with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, or who are going through TSW, and who blog honestly about their lives with a chronic skin condition. We'd be very happy to work with you on #skinpositivity posts and campaigns.


Posted on: Oct 11, 2018

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