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How To Use Balmonds Scalp Oil

How To Use Balmonds Scalp Oil

Scalp Oil is a brilliantly versatile product!

We originally formulated this oil as a natural conditioning treatment for those with scalp psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, and this is how many people still use it. However, the oils we use in this blend are really special and deserve to be shouted about a little more.

Borage seed oil has one of the highest amounts of GLA (gamma linolenic acid) of any seed oil, and it’s the anti-inflammatory GLA that skin prone to eczema and psoriasis really benefits from. The GLA is complemented by hemp seed, which is rich in EFAs, so the skin gets all it needs to repair and regenerate.

We also use antimicrobial tea tree, stimulating and purifying rosemary, skin-soothing calendula, with chickweed, nettle and olive oils as well.

This all means that Scalp Oil is a brilliant all-rounder for any areas of the body that might need a bit of extra care and attention, as it cleanses, softens, purifies and nourishes all at once.

Try it as:

  • A beard or hair oil: with its invigorating, herbal scent of tea tree and rosemary, it makes a really great conditioning beard or ‘tache oil, smoothing, moisturising and softening facial hair of any shape or size!

  • A purifying tea-tree body oil, anywhere on the body that needs some freshening up. Athletes have found it particularly useful!

  • A foot rub: the naturally antimicrobial rosemary and tea tree oils in this blend make Scalp Oil a fantastic massage oil for feet that get hot, sweaty, itchy and tired!

  • A topical rescue oil for troubled skin: Scalp Oil is great for all kinds of skin emergencies because it’s so incredibly rich in nutrients and is packed full of naturally anti-itch, antiseptic, antibacterial essential oils. Dab onto areas such as spots or acne that need some TLC without the harsh synthetic ingredients: it’s great for reducing blemishes and keeping skin clean, fresh and well-nourished.

  • An inhalation oil: add several drops to a bowl of steaming water to clear stuffy heads and noses.

  • Pro-parent anti-nit tip: it can even help ward off those annoying little visitors and is excellent for smoothing hair out for comb-throughs. Apply to the whole scalp, leave for ten minutes and comb out. Wash with a natural shampoo.

  • Use on ear eczema: apply gently with a cotton bud to affected areas.

Directions for use as a scalp or hair conditioning treatment:

Apply a few pumps of the oil to the scalp and massage in gently. It’s best used at night time and left on overnight. After applying the oil, lay a soft, old towel on the pillow to avoid staining. In the morning wash the hair out thoroughly with Balmonds Shampoo & Body Wash (coming soon).

Be careful not to use on your skin in very bright, very hot sunshine as this all-natural product does not have an SPF and there might be a risk of burning due to the high oil content. In those circumstances, it’s best to apply the oil in the evening and leave to work overnight.

Please Do A Patch Test Before First Use

Patch test a tiny amount of the oil behind the ear for at least 24 hours before widespread use. Please visit our Patch Test page for more information

How do you use your Balmonds? We’d love to hear from you!

We’d also like to hear from you if you have before and after photos to share: why not document your Balmonds experience and let other people know how our Scalp Oil has worked for you!

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Posted on: Jun 13, 2019

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