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Real Nappy Week 2018

Real Nappy Week - 20th April to 1st May 2018

Real Nappy Week is celebrated every year in April and focuses on raising awareness of the various benefits of reusable nappies for parents, babies and the environment.

We’re right behind this wonderful campaign here at Balmonds, not just because some of us used washable nappies on our own babies, but also because, as a company, we share the same aim of promoting the use of natural products for the benefit of babies, their parents and the environment.

We’ve always loved the work of our long-time stockist and supporter, The Nappy Lady, and are delighted to endorse her wonderful site, full of helpful information and advice for those starting on their parenting journey with reuseable nappies. Check out her extensive range of washables on the web shop. There’s even a useful questionnaire to fill out which tailors advice about which nappies to chose to your family’s specific needs. 

Balmonds’ Baby & Child range works perfectly with washable nappies, being designed for parents who want to use really effective natural products that are as kind to the planet as they are to baby’s skin. In fact, we’d advise all new mothers to have a tin of our lovely, all-natural Baby Balm to hand for all eventualities!

Perfect for sensitive baby bottoms, because it contains no petrochemicals, parabens, PEGs, perfume or preservatives, this beautifully rich, traditional beeswax-based ointment is entirely made with natural raw materials and is brilliant for keeping baby’s delicate skin protected and moisturised. We make it with pure, naturally antimicrobial, lavender essential oil, biodynamic calendula and nettle extracts, and organic cold-pressed safflower, olive and hemp oils, which are rich in the vitamins and essential fatty acids that are needed to keep skin in good, healthy condition.

It is useful, obviously, as a natural nappy balm to repel the wetness that can cause nappy rash or protect the skin from dribble rash when babies start teething, but did you know that this fab little salve has all sorts of other uses? It can be used by mum as a nipple salve, for sore perineums, even as an emergency make-up remover or for dry eyes/lips in hospital. It comes in a handy lightweight reuseable aluminium 50ml tin to pop into hospital or changing bags.

Our fantastic Chamomile Baby Oil is also a brilliant all-purpose oil for mum: snaffle it for yourself and use as a facial cleansing oil, a deeply relaxing massage oil for tired feet and shoulders, or as a body oil after bathing or shaving. As an all-purpose baby oil, it can be used with cotton wool or reuseable wipes to clean nappy areas or for general care and hydration of sensitive newborn skin. It is also fantastic for sleepy time baby massage, with that gorgeous chamomile scent being notoriously relaxing and soothing!

Just likeBalmonds Baby Balm, the Chamomile Baby Oil is 100% natural and full of gorgeous organic botanical goodness, containing just chamomile, lavender, safflower and sunflower and nothing else.

Posted on: Apr 24, 2018

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