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Natural Skincare For Eczema Sufferers

Our complete range of products made especially for dry, sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Natural Skincare For Eczema Sufferers Products

Skin Salvation This is the product we recommend if skin is broken or scratched raw from itching, as, being oil-based, it doesn’t sting on application, and is totally free from perfumes, preservatives and synthetic ingredients that can cause irritation on sensitive skin. 

It was designed to be an effective, non-irritating, natural emollient that people can use both during flare-ups and as part of a long-term skincare regime and is great as an intensive overnight treatment.

We also have a Sample Pack for £5 which contains 5ml pots of our three best-selling emollients: Skin Salvation, as well as Daily Moisturising Cream and Intensive Hand Cream (which are softer to apply and work for daily maintenance once the flare has reduced and there is no broken skin). The pack comes with a 20% off voucher code so that you can save money on a full-size pot if you find the samples help.

Of course Skin Salvation is not a cure for eczema, and we always advise customers to look at other things that can cause eczema flare-ups (including diet, laundry detergents, hard water, soaps, pet hair, pollen, dust, stress, environmental triggers as well as toiletries such as sun cream, body washes and shampoo) and avoid them as well. But the right emollient really can help sufferers to manage their condition.

Because we know how hard it can be for people to find emollients that work for their own unique skin, we also offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all first-time purchases from our website, so you can try them out over time without worrying about wasting yet more money.

For full terms and conditions see our Refunds & Returns page.

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