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Mama & Baby Bundle
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Rich in naturally nourishing herbs and oils, this bundle of natural skincare is gentle enough for baby, and gentle enough for mum, making it the perfect gift for new mums or parents-to-be.

Just like their little ones, new mothers can find their skin is super sensitive during pregnancy and the postnatal period; it can be difficult to find products to combat the dryness effectively without triggering flare-ups. We’ve put together a bundle of natural all-rounders that work for in pregnancy and beyond, all of them totally free from the perfumes, paraffin, parabens and SLS that can cause irritation, spots or dryness on perinatal skin.

All products are suitable for use anywhere on the body, all skin types, and for babies over 6 weeks old.

Our Mama & Baby Bundle includes:

  • Skin Salvation 30ml
  • Bath & Body Oil 200ml
  • Rosehip Scar Oil 50ml
  • Intensive Hand Cream 50ml
  • Lavender rescue salve 15ml

Skin Salvation

Our wonderful, award-winning all-natural Skin Salvation balm is absolutely essential kit for new parents!

New mums can use Skin Salvation to moisturise healing skin around scars, but it’s also a great all-purpose ointment for the whole family: use it as a nappy balm, to protect skin affected by dribble rash, lips, new tattoos, minor cuts and grazes, bites, blisters, cracked heels, rough skin, in fact any little skin emergency you can think of that needs a sticking plaster in a jar!

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Bath & Body Baby Oil

Balmonds Bath & Body Oil is a beautifully-scented, multipurpose moisturising oil. Made with calming lavender, chamomile, and nutritious hemp seed oil, it’s a great natural alternative to mineral baby oil. Use it with cotton wool for nappy changes or baby massage, but don’t just keep it for baby: add a few drops to your own bath, smoothe it on after showers, or use it as a relaxing massage oil to help you unwind.

Rosehip Scar Oil

Rosehip Scar Oil is an intensive conditioning oil, made with really effective regenerative natural ingredients: chamomile, calendula, lavender, and the star of the show, rosehip. Rosehips are packed full of nutrients: Vitamins A and C, and the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, which work to support the natural cycle of cell renewal by feeding the epidermis with the vital nutrients it needs to regenerate damaged or fragile skin.

Use the oil to improve the appearance of stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, pregnancy melasma, post-CS scarring or as a gorgeous regenerative facial oil.

Balmonds Lavender salve

A rich, all-natural traditional ointment made with just a few very pure and simple ingredients: organic lavender essential oil, minimally-processed local beeswax, and organic safflower and sunflower oils.

You can use this little tin for all sorts of things - as a lip salve, an emollient balm for delicate areas that might be prone to dryness (such as around the eyes, mouth or nose) or just a useful all-purpose, pocket-sized balm you can be sure has absolutely no nasties in it at all.

Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream

A deeply nourishing yet gentle cream formulated to keep frequently washed hands healthy and hydrated. The cream is made from shea butter, hemp seed, chamomile, calendula, and sea buckthorn, which makes it a super-nutritious boost for skin that’s feeling the strain of busy new parenting life.

It’s also rich and gentle enough to use as a daily face cream, so you can keep your face and hands moisturised throughout the day even if you barely have a minute to yourself!


Ingredients are listed on the individual product pages:

Skin Salvation
Rosehip Scar Oil
Balmonds Bath & Body Oil
Balmonds Lavender balm
Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream

Directions for use

Directions are listed on the individual product pages:

Skin Salvation
Rosehip Scar Oil
Balmonds Bath & Body Oil
Balmonds Lavender balm
Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream

Allergy Advice

We recommend customers patch test on an unaffected area close to the affected area before use (leave for 24 hours) as some people may be allergic even to the very gentle ingredients we use in these products.

Do not use if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients in these products.

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Our money back guarantee.

All our products have a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you are not completely happy with the results we will refund you.


Rosa Canina

Rich in provitamin A, Vitamin C, as well as Omegas-3 and -6 and other essential fatty acids, this European-grown rosehip oil delivers essential nutrients to support the production of new skin cells, helping to delay the effects of skin aging, assisting with cell regeneration, and boosting collagen and elastin levels


Lavandula angustifolia

Has been shown in clinical trials to have antimicrobial and analgesic properties which can help support the healing of skin and is also famed for its soothing, calming and balancing properties