How We Began

During your search to alleviate your sore skin condition you have probably been given heaps of advice about ways to tackle the problem.

We firmly believe Balmonds is integral to healing, but with over ten years of experience and discussion with our customers, we have gathered information about the following approaches that may help, which we would like to share with you.

Daily Skin Routines

Dry skin conditions are often caused by a defect in the skin barrier, allowing moisture to escape more easily and external irritants to penetrate the skin, leading to itchy skin and inflammation.

The key to getting this situation under control is to keep the skin moisturised at all times, using a product that efficiently replaces the low functioning barrier whilst feeding the skin essential fatty acids to improve it’s natural barrier function.


Diet & Your Skin

As dry skin is a condition that appears on the outside of the body, it is easy to presume that treatment and maintenance should also come from the outside. In reality, attacking skin conditions from the inside is just as important with a well-balanced dry skin or eczema diet.

Sometimes, the state of our skin can be a real indicator of something going on inside our bodies; for example dehydration can lead to dry, dull skin and premature aging, lack of B vitamins in the diet can lead to red blotchy skin and pimples and a struggling gut can lead to more frequent eczema flare-ups.



Allergies and intolerances can seriously aggravate the skin; identifying your particular triggers is key to keeping skin healthy and reaction free. For those who suffer with dry skin conditions, a low functioning skin barrier can allow irritants to penetrate the skin more easily causing skin irritation, so avoiding these allergens is important.

Also, people with autoimmune skin conditions can sometimes have diminished gut health, which means food intolerances can be problematic.



Stress is often blamed as a classic trigger for skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, dry itchy skin, wrinkles and more. But do we really understand why this is and more importantly, it there anything we can do to help?

Yes, relax! If you are feeling stressed and your skin is really struggling, we have some stress relieving tips for adults and children.