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“Such an amazing balm… Amazing, smooth, gorgeous, calming, it really is skin salvation!” Helen J

“This is THE cream to have if you have a sore patch of dry, red or irritated skin.” Ellie N

“Fantastic product, cleared up the eczema on my palms within days!” Rachel Mitchell

“All itching has stopped, inflammation has just about gone and all flaky skin disappeared to almost nothing! It’s amazing - best treatment ever!!!” Jo

“Never used a cream quite like this one. Just amazing on eczema, psoriasis, sore skin, burns, spots, you name it!” Zoe

“I used this on both my eczema-prone children when they were tiny. It’s the only thing that has not caused discomfort to them, it’s so gentle you can even put it on their eyelids.” E Hammond

“Within two days my daughter's face looks so beautiful and clean, no sign of eczema.” Dagmara

“I have been buying this for years, it's excellent.” Mrs Marie Black

“Amazing product, works straight away. After one use the itching on my hands caused by eczema stopped, and the sores began to heal.” Sadie

“Used for every skin problem, eczema, dryness, cracked sore lips.. Works like a miracle!” Fayesimmo

“We've been using Skin Salvation for about 8 years now and it's earned the nickname 'Magic Cream'. Any eczema flare-ups are rapidly quelled.” Katherine

“Within 2 days of use my daughter’s severe eczema was less red and healing nicely. This cream did what the steroid cream has stopped doing!” Karen D

“My year old son has a particularly bad patch of dermatitis on his arm - within two days of using this ointment there was a huge difference! Now I won't use anything else.” Stephanie G

“After 3 days of applying twice a day this has done what 6 years of doctors 'advice' and prescription creams couldn't, and got my daughters eczema under total control. Amazing product!” Al

“I have some patches of psoriasis on my knuckles and elbows and have tried all sorts of steroid-based creams and prescriptions, and the only thing that's working is Skin Salvation!”

Kay Dickinson