Effective Results

97% of people asked said that these products improved the condition of their skin. * From a survey of 500 people.

Natural Ingredients

We use the finest natural ingredients & leave out the synthetic ones that can irritate sensitive skin!

Our Story

We are a family company, founded by a mum struggling to find a solution for her daughters chronic dry skin. 


Life saver

I have only been using this for four days and the transformation in my skin is amazing!!!! I have suffered with dermatitis for over ten years and nothing has ever worked this well. Thank you Purepotions you have been a life saver!!!!!

Excellent cream

Excellent cream, helped my 4 month old babies’ eczema within days where other prescribed creams did nothing to help. I would recommend without reservation. Thank you.

Pure relief!

A friend recommended Purepotions last year while I was suffering from inflamed, red itchy skin around my eyes. I tried Pure Potions Intensive Moisturising Ointment, and the problem quickly cleared up. I continue to use a thin layer of the Pure Potions ointment as a barrier cream in the eye area, and the inflammation has not returned. Thank you!

I would highly recommend this product.

I would highly recommend the Purepotions range of skincare. Nothing else works for ichy, dry skin like the Intensive Moisurising Ointment. I have used it every day for many years.

I have been using this for years

I have been using this for years. In fact the whole family uses it. I can’t recommend it enough. It seems to work it’s magic on many skin complaints. I recommend it to everyone.

Fantastic products

Fantastic products! I am always recommending them in particular the skin salvation, to those with sensitive skin or Eczema. Amazing results for my son's eczema, so much so the nursery asked what I had used. I feel like this is one company whom I trust and who have a passion for their products and results. It is known in our family as magic potions.

Here's how we can help you

Our complete range of products for dry, sensitive or allergy-prone skin, which is also suitable to those who may be prone to eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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  • Skin Salvation

    Our hero product: an all-natural, deeply hydrating beeswax-based salve with hemp seed oil and herbal tinctures to protect and nourish dry or sensitive skin.
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  • Bath & Body Oil

    An effective natural emollient with hemp, calendula, lavender and chamomile oils to help relieve the drying effects of bathing and showering on the skin.
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  • Daily Moisturising Cream

    A pure and gentle all-purpose daily cream with shea butter and herbal extracts to leave skin moisturised, soft and supple.
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  • Intensive Hand Cream

    A wonderfully rich natural emollient for hardworking hands containing super-nutritious sea buckthorn oil.
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Natural Beauty Solutions

Our products were originally developed for problem skin, but because they are rich, nutritious and exceptionally pure, they are the perfect choice for anyone wanting to use everyday natural skin products. 

Baby & Child Skincare Solutions

Although all our products are made from the simplest kindest natural ingredients and can be used from top to toe by children and adults of all ages, we also make a special Baby Skincare Range particularly for the delicate skin of our tiniest customers.

Hair & Scalp Solutions

Balmonds have developed a natural hair care regime for those who want to use only the mildest and gentlest of botanical ingredients on their crowning glory! Products coming soon.

The Balmonds Story

Founded by Natalie Balmond, a mother who wanted to find an effective, safe, natural and non-steroidal moisturiser for her daughter’s dry skin, originally Purepotions, Balmonds has been producing its award-winning products for over ten years.

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