How Do You Treat Chlorine Rash?

How Do You Treat Chlorine Rash?

Ouch, I've been left with a rash after swimming! Is there anything I can use to make chlorine rash go away?

Chlorine rash can appear a consequence of exposure to chlorine, most commonly following a dip in a chlorinated swimming pool. Chlorine is a powerful chemical used to disinfect pools, killing any bacteria and viruses that may be present, and it’s what gives swimming pools the world over that distinct, crisp, and clean ‘medical’ aroma.

However, if it’s not washed off with soap and warm-to-hot water when showering after a swim, a rash can occur. While people with sensitive skin are understandably more prone to chlorine rash, anyone can get it. Those that regularly visit a pool several times a week, and have done so for years without getting it, can still develop a chlorine rash any time.

Some people might question why such an intense sanitising agent as chlorine is used in this way, but the simple answer is that it’s very effective, and also because to date no better alternatives have yet been discovered. Taking care to always shower straight after swimming should considerably boost your chances of avoiding getting a chlorine rash, but in the event you do get one, it will need to treated right away – and help is at hand to do that.

Keep your skin hydrated!

If not washed away following a swimming session, the chlorine you’ll have picked up from the pool can start to strip away the natural oils in your skin and dry it out; this can trigger an inflammatory response and quickly lead to a very uncomfortable chlorine rash.

If a rash develops it should be treated with a balm like Balmonds’ Skin Salvation, which keeps the skin hydrated. Skin Salvation contains naturally anti-inflammatory herbs to calm the skin down, including nettle, which is a natural antihistamine, and calendula, which is renowned for its ability to soothe angry, inflamed rashes.

This kind of treatment is especially effective for people with sensitive skin, so those most vulnerable to chlorine rash, but anyone – of any age – can use it to help neutralise the effects of chlorine.

However much you might enjoy swimming, particularly if it’s a regular pursuit, if you do get a chlorine rash It’s also very important to stay out of the pool while you deal with it. Staying dry and keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised are vital to overcoming these annoying rashes.

Can I get a chlorine rash more than once?

Yes, you can - as can anyone! However, by taking proactive preventative measures you can minimise your chances of getting it repeatedly:

  • Always shower with warm-to-hot water before swimming
  • Apply a barrier balm like Skin Salvation before swimming
  • When showering after a swim, make sure you also shampoo your hair
  • Use a non-irritant, soap and SLS-free body wash/shampoo
  • Shower until you can’t smell the chlorine smell any more
  • After your shower, pat skin dry and apply an emollient to keep your skin hydrated
  • Reapply your emollient regularly for the next few days
  • Keep out of chlorinated water while the rash is visible

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