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"I've always struggled with acne but I'm currently in the process of sorting out my skin as it is one of my insecurities, and Balmonds is definitely doing that! I have Balmonds Cooling Cream and Skin Salvation which have cleared up my skin and really fast."

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"I’ve had eczema since I was little and was constantly using steroid creams on my face and arms. Since using Balmonds, my skin feels a lot more moisturised and is clearer than before!"

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"When I'm flaring, there's only one thing for it: BALMONDS SKIN SALVATION!"

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"I’ve had eczema my whole life, but discovered Balmonds whilst going through topical steroid withdrawal last year. Skin Salvation balm is now my go-to for those stubborn sore patches or dry flakey areas as it gives me instant soothing!"

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