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Balmonds was founded by a mother seeking a cream that would suit her daughter's severely dry and itchy skin.

Natalie Balmond began experimenting with traditional recipes for moisturisers that could be used on very sore and itchy skin after other products, both conventional and alternative, only aggravated her daughter Lula's chronic eczema.

She had been using the pharmaceutical emollients and steroid creams prescribed by her GPs and dermatologists but Lula found these stung and irritated her; Natalie also tried various alternative creams and lotions but everything inflamed Lula's poor skin.

Understandably, Natalie was desperate to find a product Lula could use. She wanted to make a moisturiser that didn't contain anything unnecessary or that might trigger an allergic reaction. No preservatives, no unnecessary fragrances, no chemical emulsifiers or ingredients only there for the sake of appearance. It had to be totally natural and as mild as possible. 

Natalie started experimenting with cooking up traditional ointments and salves in her kitchen; she used combinations of herbs and oils such as hemp, calendula, nettle and olive use in skincare for centuries. To her great delight and relief, the salve she eventually came up with was soft and gentle and worked really well as a natural moisturiser to hydrate and maintain the health of Lula's sensitive skin.

Natalie then started making up batches of what was to become Skin Salvation for friends and relatives; eventually a local newspaper took up her story and she was inundated with requests for the salve.

This led to her founding Purepotions and going on to develop other natural skincare products, including a Daily Moisturising Cream, some wonderful oils and a range made especially for babies.

The Balmonds’ range is now stocked in Holland & Barrett and Ocado and other major health food chains, chemists and independent shops across the UK.

The Balmonds range is also sold to thousands of people worldwide, whose positive feedback in the form of letters, emails and testimonies bears witness to its success.