Pay It Forward: Skin Salvation For Healthcare Workers

Love your Skin Salvation?

Now you can pay the love forward!

Our amazing healthcare workers are under more pressure than ever, and are feeling it in dry, stressed skin, pressure sores from masks, and cracked, over-washed hands. We’ve had some amazing feedback from nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers, who’ve been astonished at how effective Skin Salvation has been for their PPE-sore skin.

But we want to be able to help more people, especially at this very difficult time.

So, to get balm into the sore hands of those who need it most, Balmonds has set up a Pay It Forward scheme.

How does it work?

You can add an extra £2.50 donation to your order, and we’ll gift a 60ml pot of Skin Salvation to a healthcare worker.

It won’t get sent out with your order: we’ll collect all the gifted jars at the end of each month and deliver them straight to doctors, nurses, paramedics and other healthcare workers who need some extra help for their skin.

Why do healthcare workers need help?

A combination of constant hand washing, harsh sanitiser gel, uncomfortable PPE, and stress mean that healthcare workers are at increased risk of skin problems.

These include:

  • PPE sores
  • Cracked skin
  • Pressure sores
  • Dry eyes
  • Mask acne
  • Irritated skin
  • Sore hands

Healthcare workers with skin irritation from PPE

How does Skin Salvation help?

Skin Salvation is the perfect protective emollient for sore skin issues like these; it’s all-natural, free from perfumes or preservatives that can further aggravate irritated skin, and super nutritious for delicate or damaged skin.

  • forms a protective barrier over fragile skin
  • locks moisture in & keeps irritants out
  • supports skin regeneration and repair
  • feeds depleted skin with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids
  • suitable for use on broken, irritated or inflamed skin 

If you want to nominate your team to receive Skin Salvation, please get in touch with us on

50% off Balmonds range for healthcare workers!

If you’re a healthcare worker, you can get an introductory half-price discount code for our entire range via your Blue Light Card. (See the Blue Light Card website for terms and conditions.)

"My skin was stressing me out! It was so sore. I’m really glad I found Skin Salvation: it works great as a barrier when I have to wear masks.”
Natasha Bacigalupo, nurse

“My hands get cracked, very dry and painful from constant washing but the cream helps soothe it. My sore nursing hands are finally feeling and looking more cared for!”
Anon nurse

“My face and hands have really been suffering for all the PPE over the last couple of months and these products have been a lifesaver!! Thank you, thank you!”
Victoria Taylor

“I am a GP and my hands get so dry from constant washing. This is my saviour!”
Emma Stuart


Pay It Forward
A 60ml Skin Salvation pot donation to a healthcare worker


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