Why Balmonds Is Anti Anti-Ageing!

Why Balmonds Is Anti Anti-Ageing

How many times have you had anti-ageing products targeted at you? Ads that tell you that this serum will make you look younger, or that cream will turn back the years? It’s a very common marketing tactic, and the result is generally that people, women especially, end up feeling bad about themselves.

This is a culture where youthfulness is valued above experience, where the entirely natural signs of getting older - wrinkles, changes in skin texture and colour - are not only not appreciated but seen as things to erase. Ageing becomes something to fear.

We don’t quite see it that way at Balmonds. Ageing is inevitable: why not cherish the signs of experience instead of wanting to erase them? We love how laughter lines show someone’s character: they’re the signs of a life well-lived!

And while we understand that sometimes people have a complicated relationship with their skin - the battle scars, the visibility of skin conditions, the reminders of ill health or bad times - it’s certainly true that as a culture we could do with giving considerably more respect to wisdom and experience, and placing far less value on physical appearance.

As we get older, so does our skin; it can get more sensitive, suddenly reacting to products it has always been fine with so far, or getting flushed, dehydrated or more prone to flare-ups. That’s just how it is; needing to look after yourself is not anything to be ashamed about. 

Rosehip oil

At Balmonds, we never want to promise youthfulness, or make you worry about how your skin looks: we just want to take extra care of it! We won’t imply that ageing is something to run away from or conceal. So there’ll be no magic ‘anti-ageing’ creams from us! No anti-wrinkle serums, no ‘younger-looking skin’ either. Just simple, natural products that will nourish and protect your precious skin, whatever your age.

If your skin is starting to get easily dehydrated, cracking or flaring up more often as you get older, we’d suggest you try some of our super-nutritious oils and creams. Try our Intensive Hand Cream as a face cream or give yourself a daily boost of regenerative rosehip via our Intensive Facial Oil. It won’t turn back the clock, but it will make your skin happier to inhabit!

The skin we live in should not be a cause of shame or self-loathing: whatever size, shape, colour or level of health you are, your body deserves to be nurtured and loved.

And to show we really mean it, we're putting our money where our mouth is and using real people of all ages, with real skin conditions, who genuinely use Balmonds products, as models for our social media and website! Pictured here is the very beautiful and stylish Helena from Brighton: here's to maturity and to loving the skin you're in!

mature skin

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