Parenting Through the Winter Months

A guest post on getting through the colder months with little ones, from natural parenting expert, Fritha Quinn.
My name is Fritha and I live in Wales with my two children who are eight and twelve. While many of us dread the cold weather and dark evenings (raise your hand if you're one of them - I know I am!) it does bring an opportunity to mix things up with the kiddos. I’m a firm believer in getting out of the house everyday even if it’s just for a walk around the block - and not only for how much we all appreciate getting back into the warm afterwards!

Family laughing together outdoors wrapped up cosily in hats and coats for the cold weather

Embracing Winter

Despite the drop in temperature, it's crucial to keep the kids active. We love getting wrapped up and exploring the nature around us. We collect pinecones and take nuts to feed the squirrels. Entertaining kids doesn’t have to be expensive and sometimes the simplest activities are the best.

Indoor activities can be just as fun too. We sometimes transform our living room into an impromptu crafts corner or bring our mattresses down to the living room for family movie nights and sleepovers with popcorn. It's all about finding joy in the little things.

The start of the year can feel like a long slog with short days and many layers, but I want to share with you a couple of things we love to do as a family. Hopefully it will inspire some winter fun ideas for you too.

Family dressed warmly outdoors in a green area geocaching

Family Adventures with Geotagging

Have you ever considered turning the world outdoors into a giant treasure hunt? That's essentially what geotagging is all about, and my family and I have fallen head over muddy boots in love with it.

Geotagging uses GPS technology to track down hidden caches (containers filled with small trinkets or a logbook) that someone else has hidden. I've got to say it's quite the thrill watching the kids' eyes light up as we get closer to a 'find'. You can tick it off your list and even upload a photograph of what you found, or add to it yourself if there’s room in the container.

You can find Geotags in the most unlikely of places and there are tons around the city of Cardiff where we live, as well as in the countryside. I recommend downloading the app and seeing how many are in your area.

One of the highlights of geotagging as a family is it transforms our usual walks into exciting quests. The kids adore the sensation of uncovering a hidden treasure, and the joy of either discovering a little toy or, in some cases, leaving a memento for the next wanderers. It's become their own version of 'sharing' and feeling part of a bigger community of treasure hunters.

Besides the fun, the other side of geotagging I truly cherish is how it inspires all of us to be present. It isn't just about finding the geotag, it's about noticing our surroundings more. It nudges the grownups and kiddos to pause and take in the world around us.

winter indoor craft activities for kids - image shows painted leaves with patterns and faces

Nature Crafts

Something else we love to do with the kids is bring nature back to the home, whether in our local woods, a neighbourhood park, or even just our garden. The kids run about, gathering anything that catches their eye. Fallen leaves with unique patterns, pebbles worn smooth by time, twigs with character or vibrant flowers past their prime.

Once we’ve collected our treasures, we head back to make our crafts. Leaves can morph into animal cut-outs or become leaf masks with the simple addition of a stick as a handle. Twigs, when tied together, can form the framework of a fairy-sized teepee or even a dreamcatcher. And pebbles? Well, they're perfect for painting! (You won’t believe how many painted stones we have in our home.)

One thing I love about nature crafting is how it prompts all our imaginations while also reaching an invaluable lesson in sustainability. Plus it sparks conversation about nature, seasons, and the wonderful cycle of life around us.

image shows a mother kneeling applying balmonds skinsalvation to her child outdoors

Caring for Winter Skin

Now, let's be honest - with these cosy moments come some winter challenges. One of them is the harsh winter weather that can wreak havoc on the family's skin. And that's where Balmonds comes in.

The first lifesaver for us has been Balmonds' Skin Salvation. This wonder balm is 100% natural and free from any nasties like perfumes, parabens, preservatives, and paraffin. It's packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and, my personal favourite part, it locks in essential moisture. So it's like giving your skin a big, comforting winter hug!

We honestly use this little miracle worker so many times a day for so many different uses. I add it to the end of my hair when they are feeling a little dry also as well as using it as a deep face moisturiser at night.

My twelve-year-old has sensitive skin and this balm is great for taming redness or dry patches that often spring up with the brisk winter winds that we face when we’re out and about on our family outings.

It's the little things that help warm hearts and make winter easier despite the cold. Remember to embrace the fun of the season whilst not forgetting to care for our skin too. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about how we make fun for the family during the winter months. Until next time, bundle up, it's cold out!

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