5 Mistakes You Could Be Making When You Moisturise Your Face

Want to maximise the benefit of your moisturiser?

Check out this list of mistakes you could unwittingly be making when you moisturise.

  1. You’re not moisturising enough - or at all!
    Does your skin tend towards oiliness? Maybe you want to avoid piling on the oily lotions at all cost, for fear of a breakout? Think again! Washing your face - especially with soap, which strips away the skin’s natural oils - is incredibly drying to skin, so if you wash, you should always moisturise afterwards. Using creams or oils with low comedogenic values (ie ones that don’t clog pores) is beneficial and balancing even to oily skin.

  2. You’re skipping the patch test
    Although it’s hard to wait to use that fancy new face cream, always patch test first, especially if you have sensitive skin! Apply a tiny bit of your new moisturiser to the skin behind your ear every day for three or four days to check whether your skin can tolerate it; so much better than waking up with your entire face red and blotchy from a bad reaction!

  3. You’re putting moisturiser on dry skin
    Yes, skin should be clean, but but not totally dry. Apply moisturiser to gently towel-dried skin for maximum moisture retention.

  4. You’re not capitalising on your body clock
    Try using intensive balms or oils at night when your skin is in peak repair and regenerate mode; apply a natural facial oil or a thick, oily balm last thing at night and let it work its magic overnight.

  5. You’re missing a trick by using synthetics
    So many moisturisers are based on paraffin or petroleum jelly, which can work well as an occlusive barrier to lock moisture into the skin, but isn’t either breathable or nutritious! Using natural alternatives made with beeswax and plant oils means you’re getting a breathable semi-occlusive barrier and plenty of vital nutrients as well.

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