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Best Natural Hand Cream That Actually Works!

Best Natural Hand Cream That Actually Works

Dry, cracked, sore hands?! You’re not alone. Hands can really bear the brunt of life, whether  they’re being slathered in alcohol-based hand sanitiser, dunked continuously in hot water, or exposed to dehydrating environments inside and out.

So what do they need? A really, good, really effective hand cream!

Of course, finding that magical product isn’t necessarily easy, especially if you want to avoid environmentally-damaging synthetics. But the good news is that going natural where hand cream is concerned is a really positive thing, because it’s those pesky synthetics which are most likely to flare up sensitive skin, so avoiding them is all to the good!

Points to remember
  • If your skin is really sore, cracked or broken, then use a thick oil-based ointment/balm rather than a water-based cream, because creams are much more likely to sting.
  • A hand cream or balm that is rich in natural oils can soften rough skin very effectively.
  • Find a hand cream or balm which is rich in regenerative, plant-based oils, so it can feed dry hands with the essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients the skin needs to repair itself. Balmonds uses EFA-rich hemp seed in Skin Salvation, and adds the super-berry sea buckthorn oil to our Intensive Hand Cream.
  • Choose unscented products: look for fragrance, parfum, or perfume in the ingredients and avoid!
  • Check ingredients if you’re sensitive to essential oils: some of them can inflame sensitive skin.
  • Beeswax is a natural humectant and draws moisture into the skin, which can be a brilliant thing for severely dry skin. 
  • Beeswax is also protective: it forms a semi-occlusive barrier over broken or fragile skin, locking in moisture and protecting skin from external irritants.
  • Some herbs and plants are rich in natural anti-inflammatories, which are great for calming down inflamed or itchy skin. At Balmonds we use calendula, chamomile, chickweed and nettle.
  • Shea butter is a wonderfully rich natural emollient, feeding skin with all manner of nutrients, and is a great alternative to beeswax in vegan hand balms.
Our suggestion? Go for Balmonds of course!

Balmonds Skin Salvation is the perfect all-natural moisturiser if your hands are sore and dry; it's made with humectant beeswax to draw in the moisture, EFA-rich hemp seed oil, naturally anti-inflammatory herbal tinctures of chickweed, nettle, chamomile and calendula, and is totally free from preservatives, perfumes, paraffin and other potentially-irritating synthetic ingredients. It doesn't even contain essential oils, which can flare up sensitive skin.

If your hands aren’t cracked and you’d prefer to use a cream rather than an ointment, try our award-winning Intensive Hand Cream, which is rich in macerated oils of sea buckthorn, hemp, calendula, chamomile and safflower, and made in a shea butter base.

Recommended products

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Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream from £10.99 for 50ml

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Important Note

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Posted on: Mar 20, 2020

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