Coronavirus Lockdown Beauty Crisis: How to Fix Home Beauty Treatments Gone Wrong!

Coronavirus Lockdown Beauty Crisis: How to Fix Home Beauty Treatments Gone Wrong!

Uh oh, maybe you shouldn't have done that?!

A guide to how you can fix gone-a-bit-wrong beauty treatments while you're stuck at home...


If you’ve tried to remove your own acrylics at home, and/or are struggling with dry, brittle nails that look a state, why not treat them to some product-free time?! The best thing for nails and cuticles that are ragged is to give them some nourishment then leave them be.
Don't pick at them! Just t
rim them, file them gently, shine them up with a buffer, and then slather on the balm or nail oil every night and every morning. It will do them the power of good.

Recommended products:

Skin Salvation: massage the balm onto the nails and cuticles

Balmonds Rosehip Scar Oil: a nightly rub with this nourishing oil works wonders


Overcut your hair? Misguided dye job?! Never fear - you can always wear a scarf on Zoom calls! You might not be able to reattach snipped hair but if your lockdown hair is going totally wild or is suffering from some overenthusiastic dyeing, you can calm your locks with a weekly deep conditioning treatment.

You could also try reducing your shampooing days: once every 3 or 4 days is generally fine, so you can use this splendid isolation to get through the tricky rebalancing period, when your hair and scalp adjust to a more gentle cleaning regime.

Recommended product:

Balmonds Scalp Oil: massage into scalp last thing at night; put down an old towel on your pillow and sleep on it. Wash out with a natural shampoo the next morning.

Balmonds Natural Shampoo & Body Wash: an SLS-free natural hair and body wash that won’t strip the oils from your scalp!


A home peel or facial can be a lovely act of self-care… unless it goes terribly wrong! If your face ends up inflamed and burning, you need to calm down your skin as soon as possible. In this state, anything you put on it is likely to sting, so be very careful that what you try to fix the problem with doesn’t aggravate things!

  • Cool your face down with cold water first: wet a clean (and we mean freshly clean!) washcloth and hold onto your face.
  • Pat your face dry with a soft clean paper towel.
  • Moisturise: your sore skin needs moisturising but not with anything that contains essential oils, perfumes, preservatives, colours or irritant synthetics! Stick to very very simple products.

And if you possibly can, don’t touch your face! It can lead to infection as well as extra irritation.

Recommended products:

Skin Salvation: apply the balm gently to sore areas throughout the day for the first three days, then every night before sleep for another week.

Balmonds Rosehip Scar Oil: after the first 24 hrs try a dab or two of this nourishing oil

Waxes or shaves

A bikini wax or shave gone bad is a thing of infernal torment. If you’ve decided to tackle hair removal yourself and are finding the results super painful, here’s what you can do.

  • Avoid friction: wear loose underwear, and steer clear of physical activity for 24 hrs.
  • Avoid hot water: skip the long hot baths for a few days; lukewarm showers are your friend.
  • Avoid scent, perfumed products or anything that will irritate your newly super-sensitive skin. This includes fancy soaps or shower gels. Ouch.

Recommended product:

Skin Salvation: apply the balm very gently to the affected area morning and night.

If you need something even lighter and gentler to start with, try smoothing on our Bath & Body Oil or Chamomile Baby Oil, as these oils are easier to apply than lotions (which can really sting!) or ointments. 


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