COVID-19 Skincare: How To Soothe Face Rash From Wearing Masks

COVID-19 Skincare: How To Soothe Face Rash From Wearing Masks

Whether you’re wearing a standard cloth mask to go about your daily life, a protective mask for your job as a key worker, or a tightly-fitting N-95 as a healthcare professional, masks can cause skin issues.

The tighter the fit, the worse the problem, and most of those who have been experiencing pressure sores, abrasion, rashes and raw skin are hospital staff, on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19. 

Here are some simple steps to take to soothe rashes and inflammation from face masks.

  • If at all possible, take off your mask every 2 hours to give your skin a break.

  • Wash your face with luke-warm (not hot) water

  • Use an unscented, mild, soap-free cleanser/wash

  • Pat skin dry with a clean tissue or paper towel

  • Apply an anhydrous barrier balm (not a water-based cream)

  • Help skin repair itself with a rosehip-rich oil before bed

  • Reapply your balm last thing at night

Why is Skin Salvation a good choice as a barrier balm?
  • Skin Salvation is an oil-based ointment, so it’s unlikely to sting even very sore, raw or broken skin
  • The beeswax forms a semi-occlusive protective barrier over broken or fragile skin
  • This barrier acts as if it were the skin’s own barrier function, locking moisture in and keeping irritants out
  • It’s rich in the essential fatty acids that skin needs for its natural cycle of regeneration and repair
  • It is unscented and free from the synthetic ingredients that can aggravate sensitive or inflamed skin
  • Unlike paraffin-based emollients, it isn’t flammable!

“My face and hands have really been suffering for all the PPE over the last couple of months and these products have been a life saver!! Thank you, thank you.”
Victoria Taylor on Trustpilot
“I bought lots of pots of Skin Salvation for myself and my nursing colleagues to help us look after our hands at work. Everyone loves it!! Many thanks.”
Helen Earl on Trustpilot

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