How Do I Stop My Hands From Itching After Washing Them?

How Do I Stop My Hands From Itching After Washing Them?

Whether or not your hands are suffering from frequent hand washing, applications of alcohol-based sanitiser, or from hand dermatitis, you need a remedy and you need one quick!

Here are some ways to stop the itch after washing your hands:

  • Check your soap! If you’re washing your hands for 20 seconds according to official guidance, the soap you’re subjecting your skin to could be aggravating your symptoms. Although the soap-free aqueous creams and emollient washes that eczema-sufferers might usually use are not effective against coronavirus, it’s still worth finding something that is kinder to skin than standard soap. If you wash thoroughly you can use a soap-free bar or hand wash that won’t be as harsh on your skin as high alkaline soap. Make sure it’s unscented and as simple as possible: fragrance is a major culprit behind skin flare-ups!
  • Use water at the right temperature! Not too hot, not too cold, as both extremes will strip the natural oils from your skin.
  • Pat hands dry with a clean paper towel rather than rubbing them with rough cotton.
  • Apply an oil-based balm immediately after washing your hands: don’t wait! Carry a pot of balm around with you so you can apply it whenever you wash.
  • Reapply throughout the day! You can slather on the balm as often as you want; you want to keep skin hydrated and protected from both further dehydration and external irritants.
  • If your hands are itching furiously, hold a dry - not wet - cold compress against the itchy areas. A frozen bag of peas covered with a tea towel, or a cool gel pack can take the heat out of inflamed palms.
  • Keep your hand balm/cream in the fridge for some extra cooling power!
  • Avoid creams and balms which contain fragrances, dyes, and harsh preservatives. Stick to natural alternatives.

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