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How Do You Get Ingrained Dirt Off Your Skin?

How Do You Get Ingrained Dirt Off Your Skin?

If you’re struggling to get deeply ingrained dirt off your hands, we’ve got a few good tips for you to try!

Firstly, and this might be a little too late for some, always prepare your hands before you do your gardening or painting and decorating. You can do this by smothering on the moisturiser every day, and especially before getting your hands dirty, and wearing gloves if you can.

If you’re struggling to get hands or skin elsewhere completely clean, here are our 7 top tips for getting rid of the grime.

1. Make a homemade sugar scrub!

You’ll need:

  • I measure vegetable oil - cooking oil is fine but you can make it fancy with olive or hemp or anything else you like!
  • 2 measures sugar: any you have, but large grained sugar is best
  • A squirt of washing-up liquid or foaming handwash, whichever your skin tolerates

You can add essential oils or lemon juice if you like. 

Once you’ve made the scrub, massage it thoroughly into the area that you want to clean. Take your time! 

2. Rinse well! Afterwards, rinse off with warm, not hot, not cold, water.

3. Dodge the soap: use a ph-neutral cleansing wash to wash off the scrub, rather than a household soap which can further damage the skin.

4. Scrub nails with a nail brush.

5. Soak If the scrub doesn’t work first time, then soak your hands in warm water for five minutes.

6. Moisturise Apply an oil-based ointment to barely-damp skin immediately afterwards; ointments are more hydrating than creams or lotions, and should get them really moisturised.

7. Keep it up! Keep your hands in good, well-moisturised condition: the more supple and hydrated they are, the less likely they are to crack and get dirt ingrained in them!

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Posted on: Jun 27, 2020

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