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Is Rosehip Oil Good For Perioral Dermatitis?

rosehip oil for perioral derm

Perioral dermatitis is such a tricky beast to get properly under control; it usually requires a full-on life makeover, cutting out irritants from your diet, your toiletries, your makeup and your life. There’s unlikely to be a one shot magic bullet, unfortunately, but there are definitely some ways to make outbreaks less likely!

For more detailed information about what you can do holistically to manage flare-ups, see our blog on How To Treat Perioral Dermatitis. But what about rosehip oil, the much-vaunted miracle worker of regeneration and repair for damaged skin? Well, it turns out that rosehip is a brilliant oil for perioral dermatitis. Why? Well, here are some reasons:

  • It is hypoallergenic. Rosehip is very unlikely to irritate even highly sensitive skin prone to PD, so even though you should still patch test meticulously, you can feel reasonably sure that dabbing rosehip on problem areas will calm, not aggravate, a flare-up.
  • It has a low comedogenic rating, which means it’s very likely to clog pores and cause bumps, spots or rashes. It’s lightweight and absorbs easily into sensitive skin.
  • It is nutritious! Your skin needs feeding with the good stuff, especially if it is flaring up with PD. Rosehip contains Vitamins A , C and E, is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and full of beneficial omega fats like linoleic acid, which can help regulate the skin’s natural oils, all of which are brilliant for those who are prone to spots and rashes. 
  • It is regenerative. Rosehip oil has been shown to be effective at reducing the appearance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or post-eczematous scarring, so a regular application should help post PD changes to skin tone or colour too.


If you’re prone to perioral dermatitis, try applying a few drops of rosehip oil every other night. Remember that everyone is different, so adjust to daily application or just twice a week depending on how your skin reacts.

You can use neat rosehip oil with nothing added, or try it in our ultra-mild blend of skin-kind oils formulated to help with scarring, super-sensitive or damaged skin, Rosehip Scar Oil.

If you'd rather avoid essential oils completely, then use our Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil instead. It's made very simply with rosehip, calendula, safflower and sunflower oils - nothing else at all! As well as working as a cleanser to lift away dirt, it can also be used as an incredibly nourishing facial oil.

Remember that perioral dermatitis is best left alone as much as you’re able! Ditch the soaps, make-up, perfumes, preservatives, and concentrate on letting your skin breathe, recover and repair itself. If ANY product makes things worse, even all-natural ones, give your skin a break from it.

Recommended products:

Balmonds Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil with rosehip and calendula (£22 for 200ml)

Balmonds Rosehip Scar Oil with rosehip, chamomile, lavender & palmarosa (£18.99 for 50ml)

Balmonds rosehip scar oil

Recommended product: Balmonds prize-winning Rosehip Scar Oil

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Posted on: Feb 11, 2020

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