Purepotions Is Changing To Balmonds: FAQ

Get the low-down on our name change here!

Why is the name changing?

We’re changing our name to make it easier for our customers, particularly those outside the UK, to understand and to recognise. Much as we love Purepotions, sadly it doesn’t translate that well elsewhere in the world…

Why did you choose Balmonds?

We wanted a new name that suggested tradition and trustworthiness, a name that was simple, straightforward and clear. Natalie Balmond and her three daughters are still at the heart of the company, working in different departments to keep everything running smoothly, so it’s fortuitous that their surname works so well as a brand name.

We love that the new name reflects the journey that Natalie and her family have been on to reach this point, and are really pleased that her invaluable contribution to the company will be honoured.

Plus, it happens to contain the word ‘balm’: how neat is that?!

How on earth do you pronounce Balmonds?!

Well, Natalie (who should know) says ‘BALmonds’, but we’ve heard other people pronounce it ‘BALLmonds’ or even ‘BARmonds’ to rhyme with ‘almond’ or indeed ‘balm’! But honestly, we don’t really mind how you pronounce it, so long as you can get hold of your Skin Salvation without a problem.

The changeover from Purepotions to Balmonds has been an exciting journey and we have worked hard as a team to create a new look and feel for the brand. I can't wait to share the newly branded products with you and I hope you like them as much as we do.
- Natalie Balmond (Founder @ Purepotions)

Are the products going to have the same names?

Generally, yes, they will.

The main difference is that Skin Salvation will refer specifically to the Intensive Moisturising Ointment rather than the whole range. All your old favourites will be known by their current names, so it’ll be Balmonds Bath & Body Oil, Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream and Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream, etc.

Is Skin Salvation still going to be available in the shops?


Our stockists will remain the same; if you normally buy your Skin Salvation from Holland & Barrett, their excellent sales staff should point you straight to the right shelf.

Will I still be able to get Balmonds products on prescription?

Yes, you will.

We are updating all our pharmacy clients, both individual chemists and national distributors, so your pharmacist should know what’s going on. If they are confused, they can get in contact with us.

If your doctor needs to write a new prescription, they can simply do exactly the same as they currently do, and handwrite a FP10 form for the prescribed product.

Are the formulas changing?


All products will remain exactly as they are now (with the exception of our Natural Shampoo & Conditioner, which we are tweaking slightly after feedback from customers). So Skin Salvation will be made to exactly the same recipe as Natalie cooked up all those years ago, using the same high quality natural ingredients from the same suppliers.

How will I find you online?

All website traffic will be redirected from purepotions.co.uk to balmonds.co.uk. Our emails will also be redirected and our phone number will remain the same, so you’ll be able to get in touch if you need to.

Have you sold out?!

We have not!

We’re still a small independent company, making our products by hand in our Brighton workshop; we definitely haven’t sold out to a multinational or been forced to lower the quality of our products. Our hope is simply to reach a wider base of people living with chronic skin conditions so we can help more of them to manage their skin care regime, naturally.

We hope that helps you understand the transition from Purepotions to Balmonds.

Remember that you can still email us on customersupport@purepotions.co.uk if you have any other questions about our products or our company: we are always happy to hear from you!



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