7 Top Tips For Naturally Healthy Skin

Want to ditch the skin-irritant synthetic ingredients, the expensive hyped-up pharmaceutical treatments and the ecologically-disastrous petrochemicals?

Whatever your skin type, chronically dry to eczema-prone or oily, try our seven top tips for naturally healthier skin!

1. Moisturise

It’s vital to keep dry and sensitive skin well hydrated at all times, so apply moisturisers frequently throughout the day.

Moisturise immediately after bathing or washing hands, as well as before and after going out into cold, dry or windy weather. Ointments are deeply hydrating when you need intensive treatment, but creams are easier to apply when out and about.

2. Dodge The Soap

Soap dries out the skin and can lead to a damaged epidermis. Try the oil cleansing method (OCM) for daily facial cleansing and a soap-free, SLS-free cleanser for washing hands.

3. Drink Water

Your skin requires moisture to sustain its continual cycle of repair and regeneration; the skin cells need to be plump and hydrated to be effective.

You can lock moisture into the epidermis with emollients but it’s also important to keep yourself hydrated from the inside out, so drink plenty of fresh water throughout the day.

4. Avoid Irritants

It’s vital to protect your skin from irritants that can cause itchiness, inflammation and skin damage. Avoid triggering flare-ups by picking fragrance-free cosmetics and toiletries, SLS-free shampoo, and mineral-based, natural makeup.

5. Eat For Health

A good diet is fundamental to good skin health. Your aim is to strengthen your immune system via your gut microbiome (which has direct effects on the skin) with nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

That means ramping up the fibre, eating a variety of plant-based foods, and avoiding sugar and highly processed meals which can cause inflammation, both in the gut and on the skin.

6. Nourish Your Skin

Feed your skin with the nutrients it needs to stay strong: eczema sufferers can lack the essential fatty acids (EFAs) the skin needs to maintain an effective barrier function.

Applying Omega-rich oils and ointments directly to the skin is an even more effective way to get EFAs where they’re needed than adding them to your diet, so use creams and ointments that are rich in oils such as hemp seed, borage, safflower and flax.

7. Don’t Stress Out

Easier said than done, but do try to take positive steps to reduce stress. Find yourself a yoga class, practice daily meditation, get enough sleep and give yourself a break!

Why not try regular relaxing aromatherapy massage or a warm (not hot!) baths with some relaxing essential oils?

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