Rosehip To The Rescue: How Rosehip Oil Works For Winter Skin

Winter can be a bitter time for those with sensitive or chronically dry skin: the combination of central heating inside and cold temperatures out can result in skin being brutally stripped of its precious moisture.

And a skin without moisture is a skin that can’t repair itself, because water is vital to the continuous cycle of regeneration an epidermis needs to maintain an effective barrier against the outside world.

So what can be done to give skin a boost in its fight against winter dehydration? Well, one really good strategy is to give it what it needs to stay healthy and strong, by putting a nourishing natural oil directly on the skin where it’s needed.

Rosehip oil is one of the very best oils for the job, because it’s so full of the antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids that are vital for cell regeneration. It’s rich in Vitamins A, C and E, and those cellular building blocks, essential fatty acids, particularly oleic, palmitic, linoleic and gamma linolenic acids. Rosehip has anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm down redness and flare-ups and can be used to reduce hyperpigmentation and scarring (including the damage done over time by itching and eczema flares), as well as evening out skin tone and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s especially good for ageing or delicate skin.

All this explains why it’s had a reputation for centuries as one of the best skin conditioning treatments available. Many people even swear by rosehip as a way of managing their rosacea and psoriasis: the nutrients it contains can regulate the production of skin cells, normalising the epidermis’ repair system and keeping the skin in good healthy well-functioning condition.

Here at Balmonds we blend rosehip with essential oils picked for their soothing, rejuvenating, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties - lavender, Roman Chamomile and palmarosa - as well as skin-kind calendula and grapeseed oils, to make a fantastically potent - and award-winning! - Rosehip Scar Oil which can also be used on stretchmarks, scars and areas of damaged or uneven skin.


Really like this, skin felt lovely after a couple of days. Definitely recommend it.
- Intensive Facial Oil - Marie (Balmonds Customer)


You can make rosehip oil part of your winter defence system by:

  • adding Rosehip Scar Oil to your favourite moisturiser
  • massaging a small amount into the skin around your eyes, nose, forehead, mouth and chin after cleansing and before you go to sleep, for a really effective treatment that relaxes as it nourishes
  • it even works a treat as a nail oil, gently rubbed into your nails and cuticles

We also use rosehip in our oil cleanser for those who want to avoid soaps, SLS, perfumes and preservatives in their toiletries. Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil (rosehip blended with calendula, grape seed and sunflower) is a great way of removing dust, dirt and makeup while giving the skin its daily vitamin dose of all those wonderful nutrients!

You can buy two of our rosehip-rich oils together as a Luxury Facial Oils set, making a saving of £9 on the price when bought separately.

 Balmonds Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil


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