Skincare on Set: Makeup Artist Must-Haves from Balmonds

You might be familiar with using Balmonds for sensitive and eczema-prone skin, but did you know that our natural oils, creams and balms are also highly prized by professional makeup artists?

That’s because MUAs in theatres, TV and film sets need exceptionally gentle but highly effective skincare for their clients. They’re looking after actors who might have all sorts of skin issues, from dry skin, psoriasis or rosacea, to acne and breakouts, so they need to keep it simple!

Generally, this means the best products to use on set are those without fragrance, without colours or common allergens. Moisturisers and cleansers need to be completely free from the irritating synthetic additives which could cause a disastrous breakout right before cameras start to roll.

That’s where Balmonds comes in! Our deeply hydrating, ultra gentle products are all fragrance-free and good to use on sensitive skin, making them a hit with cast and crew alike. We hear they’ve been essential additions to kit on productions ranging from Star Wars to Bridgerton 2 and This Morning.

One makeup artist even calls Skin Salvation her ‘holy grail product’!

Need any more convincing? Let’s hear from the makeup artists themselves - and one bonafide film star! - about the products they love.

 “I’m working on a Netflix show and I have to tell you - my cast LOVES your products… I cannot stress enough how fabulous your products are!”

Diana Estrada Hudson Theatre & film MUA

"Balmonds Skincare products are an essential part of my professional makeup kit. They visibly improve the condition of skin and I feel confident when working with various skin conditions that I am using a brand which cares for and treats the skin. I highly recommend the range!"

Emma McRae, TV, fashion and educational MUA


Balmonds Skin Salvation

Number one on many MUAs’ kit list, Balmonds’ cult hero is an award-winning balm made from beeswax, calendula, and hemp seed oil. Officially dermatologically approved, MUAs can trust it’ll do its job without flaring their actors - Skin Salvation is a genuine multipurpose one pot wonder!

Use it for: softening lips, smoothing brows, conditioning cuticles, calming irritated skin, protecting cracked skin, or as a fantastic primer under foundation.

“Skin Salvation has been a game changer for my family’s dry skin. It is soothing and calming and nourishing all at once. And when a rough or irritated patch of eczema has arisen, Skin Salvation has calmed it within a day.”

Genevieve O’Reilly, Actress, Mon Mothma in Star Wars

“Balmonds balm is a brilliant all-rounder and the sample pots are fab for my set bag and artists bag. It’s great for any dry skin patches, skin irritations and also as a cuticle solution! My friends in the industry now use it too.”

Laura Noble, MUA on BBC1’s The Pact and BBC3’s In My Skin

“I love using the Skin Salvation balm. It really is nourishing for dry skin and works perfectly with a primer and foundation. I love the texture (as do my clients) and it leaves a subtle healthy sheen on the skin.”

Amanda Rijff, MUA, founder of

“This product is amazing. It's an official holy-grail product of mine. I ideally use it after we remove the makeup every day, and it feels so good to recover the skin after all day using makeup.”

Gloria Peñaranda, TV & film MUA

“Many of my actors have dry skin, eczema, rosacea. etc so by using Skin Salvation their skins’ have improved so much that they have bought it for their children's and family members too.”

Inma Azorin, Bafta nominated Hair & Makeup artist

“Skin Salvation has been a kit essential for the team. One of our cast has problems with psoriasis and this has helped tremendously.”

Sim Camps, Hair and Wig Supervisor

The little pots of Skin Salvation have been amazing for our artist bags. It has also been great to soothe sunburn with the (little bit) of UK sunshine we’ve been having!”

Cat Gibbons,TV & Film MUA

Balmonds Skin Salvation
with hemp and beeswax


Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream

Vegan-friendly and made with nourishing shea butter, this neutral moisturiser is soft, gentle and beautifully absorbent, while providing fantastic hydration for sensitive skin. 

Use it for: hydrating dry skin on face, hands or body

“This is incredible, so soothing on my skin!”

Alison Hammond, TV presenter and broadcaster on This Morning, introduced to the brand by her MUA, Jane Tyler.

Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream
with shea butter and calendula


Balmonds Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil

Our 100% natural facial cleanser is made with a luxurious combination of rich and effective natural oils, including regenerative rosehip and calming calendula.

Use it for: removing heavy theatrical makeup at the end of a day of shooting, without causing irritation or clogging pores; conditioning, cleaning and nourishing sensitive skin that has been subjected to all sorts of products over the course of filming!

“After a long day on set, the cast certainly appreciates the high quality of your organic products when we derig their makeup with the cleansing oil.”

Sim Camps, Hair and Wig Supervisor

“I like the Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil to clean the actors’ faces at the end of the day.”

Inma Azorin, Bafta nominated Hair & Makeup artist

Balmonds Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil
with rosehip and calendula


Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream

A favourite with makeup teams who have to wash their hands constantly throughout a working day, this deeply nourishing yet gentle cream is ideal for sensitive skin. Being cruelty-free and suitable for vegans means it’s just the sort of product that eco-consious cast members are asking for on set.

Use it for: replenishing natural oils lost to frequent hand washing; protecting the skin barrier function

“I was introduced to your Balmonds Skin Salvation by one of my actors; since using your range I have seen a consistent and noticeable difference to her skin. I have gone on to use the Intensive Hand Cream and Cooling Cream, all of which I enjoy using as I know they are beneficial and healing.”
Emma McRae, TV hair and makeup artist
“I absolutely love the hand cream, it goes into the skin really well and there is no stickiness or residue left after applying.”
Sarah Jane Marks, Makeup Supervisor, World Productions (makers of Line of Duty and Bodyguard)

Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream
with shea butter and sea buckthorn oil


Balmonds Cooling Cream

A light, soothing, moisturising lotion designed to cool down hot skin, Balmonds Cooling Cream has been formulated with deliciously cool menthol, soothing aloe vera juice and calming lavender essential oil to reduce redness and heat.

Use it for: moisturising and calming angry, flushed or irritated areas, especially acne-prone or teenage skin

“The Cooling Cream is going to be wonderful as the weather gets warmer. The artists will very much appreciate the menthol and relaxation while in the chair.”
Laura Noble, MUA on BBC1’s The Pact and BBC3’s In My Skin

Balmonds Cooling Cream
with shea, menthol, aloe vera & lavender


So, whether you’re a professional makeup artist or an enthusiastic amateur, why not make yourself a bundle of essential Balmonds products to look after your skin, safe in the knowledge that you’re following in the golden footsteps of film stars!

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