What’s The Best Natural Cream For Baby Ear Eczema?

If your baby is prone to eczema, it can sometimes flare up in and around their ears. Ear eczema is very distressing and painful for tiny people, causing crying, upset and sleepless nights, so it’s pretty important to get it under control.

Some important points to consider

  • If you’re worried about your baby's eczema being infected: see your GP
  • Caution should be taken with using topical steroids on the face; please read up about their appropriate use and side-effects before use, and talk to your doctor and pharmacist about the best creams to use on babies.
  • Never poke into your baby’s ear canal with a cotton bud or anything else! Damage can lead to infections and can affect their hearing.
  • Don’t try to put cream into the ear: only use drops if the eczema is inside the ear canal; save the salves for outside the ear.

What cream can you use for baby ear eczema?

A baby that presents with eczema in and around their ear is likely to be prescribed emollients to keep sensitive skin well moisturised and protected from irritants. These are usually waxy, paraffin-based ointments, but you can use any emollient that works for you, including natural salves like Skin Salvation. We’d suggest finding one without any fragrances or irritant preservatives, as these can aggravate the eczema rather than soothe it.

If the eczema is around the outside of the ear, in the creases behind the ear, or on the ear lobe, you can apply Skin Salvation generously to the affected area. Apply several times a day for at least three days.

You can also use our Tea Tree balm, which is packed full of naturally antimicrobial tea tree essential oil, and is useful if you want to prevent infection around the ear. Just be aware that the sensitive skin of babies and little children can react to essential oils, so patch test for 24hrs away from the ear first.

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