Why Is My Skin Breaking Out During The Coronavirus Lockdown?

Why Is My Skin Breaking Out During The Coronavirus Lockdown?

It’s happening everywhere: spots, rashes, dryness, flare-ups of psoriasis, eczema or rosacea… whoever you ask, their skin is having a bad time during lockdown.

What on earth is going on?!

We’ve compiled a list of possible reasons for skin breakouts at the moment. See if any might apply to you!

Stress: The big one, and the one you might be least likely to notice. Low grade, constant but not overwhelming, stress can have a powerful effect on your skin. The hormones your body releases to cope with danger can mean you’re in a state of permanent inflammation, leading your skin to break out at the slightest trigger.

Dehydration: Are you drinking enough fluids? Is your flat dry? Is it too airtight?! Think about whether you’re stopping for regular enough breaks and drinks, and consider investing in a humidifier.

Change of routine: A change of routine might mean you’re not eating or drinking properly, or aren’t following your usual skincare regime.

Central heating or air conditioning: If you’re stuck inside with the heating on or the aircon blasting, your skin can get easily dehydrated.

Poor diet: Whether it’s anxiety or simply sitting watching endless Netflix, it’s easy to forget about making sure your skin gets the nutrients it needs through your diet. Get some omega fats and colourful vegetables in you!

Too many hot baths! Without anywhere to go at night, a long hot bath is a very tempting way to pass an evening. But beware: prolonged contact with hot water is horribly dehydrating for your skin! If you do have a long soak, make sure you pat dry and apply a moisturiser (which could be an oil) as soon as you get out.

Not enough sleep: Your skin needs its beauty sleep, but unfortunately, a good kip is elusive for many these strange days. Try whatever you can: sleep apps, meditation, magnesium, weighted blankets, no screen time, melatonin, calming music - whatever works for you!

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