What Can You Put On Chemo Rash?

What can I put on chemo rash

Rashes associated with chemotherapy can make a difficult experience even harder to cope with, but what you can put on to soothe your inflamed skin?

Whether you’re suffering from hives caused by an allergic reaction to the drug infusion, dry skin, recall radiotherapy burns or the spotty, pustular rash induced by EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) inhibitors, your skin needs a great deal of gentle care.

Avoid synthetic ingredients that can irritate fragile or sensitive skin, and stick to the nourishing power of natural oils, and pick creams and balms that will keep your skin healthy and well-hydrated as well as soft and supple.

For more information about the affects of chemotherapy on skin, read our blog What Is Chemo Rash?

We’d recommend the following products for skin sensitised by chemotherapy:

Skin Salvation is a fantastically rich and hydrating salve for sensitive skin; made with hemp seed oil, beeswax and herbal tinctures picked for their anti-inflammatory properties, it’s exceptionally nourishing and totally free from synthetics. Skin Salvation is great for skin affected by chemo rash, because, as an oil-based balm, it’s much less likely to sting on application. (From £7.99 for 30ml)

Balmonds Cooling Cream is a light, nourishing hand & body lotion, made with menthol, aloe and lavender. (£19 for 100ml)

Balmonds Bath & Body Oil is a good choice if you want an emollient oil, rather than a cream or balm. It’s rich in hemp, lavender and chamomile, and is great to add to a relaxing bath, or to use afterwards as a lavender-scented body oil. (£12.99 for 200ml)

Balmonds Rosehip Scar Oil with rosehip, chamomile and palmarosa is an exceptionally nourishing oil which you can use on the face, nails, or any areas of scarring. (£22 for 30ml
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