Best Natural Treatment For Sore, Dry, Cracked Hands

Best Natural Treatment For Sore, Dry, Cracked Hands

If your hands are cracking under pressure, try this natural treatment regime to get them in soft, supple, well-hydrated condition!

  • Wash with WARM water, not hot or cold!
  • Swap out high-alkaline soap for a gentle, ph-neutral cleanser that won’t strip oils from your skin
  • Find a thick, oil-based balm, not a water-based cream or lotion which can sting and aggravate irritation
  • Use unscented hand balms and unscented cleansing washes: perfume is an irritant and can damage the skin’s barrier
  • Choose products that contain naturally nourishing, EFA-rich oil like hemp, olive, rosehip, sea buckthorn, borage etc. to feed your skin with the nutrients it needs to repair itself
  • Apply balm last thing at night and then wear thin, cotton, dermatological gloves while you sleep
  • Keep reapplying your balm through the day; keep a small pot in your pocket or bag and set an alarm on your phone, so you don’t forget to moisturise

Balmonds Skin Salvation is the perfect all-natural moisturiser if your hands are sore and dry; it's made with humectant beeswax to draw in the moisture, EFA-rich hemp seed oil, naturally anti-inflammatory herbal tinctures of chickweed, nettle, chamomile and calendula, and is totally free from preservatives, perfumes, paraffin and other potentially-irritating synthetic ingredients. It doesn't even contain essential oils, which can flare up sensitive skin.

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