How Long Does Rosehip Oil Take to Fade Scars?

Rosehip oil is an effective, tried-and-true remedy to help reduce the appearance of scars. But how long does it take to work?

Rosehip oil has a long history of use as a treatment for all kinds of scars, including surgical scars, wounds, and those left behind as a consequence of acne or other skin conditions.

However, it’s important to remember that skin types differ from person to person, and also that the time it may take to achieve your desired results depends on factors such as the age of the scar, as well as its size and location on your body.

What determines rosehip oil’s effectiveness?

Age has a significant impact on how long scars might take to fade, as the older we get the more our skin changes. Wrinkles appear, of course, and skin begins to sag as it becomes less elastic with age. It also becomes a little rougher, thinner, and bruises more easily.

Additionally, a lifetime of exposure to sunlight and the elements causes changes in skin pigmentation, so it’s more often than not the case that freckles, moles, and age spots will increase as time ticks by. The changes to your skin as you age mean it can take longer for scars to fade in later life, even if you use rosehip oil.

Should I expect fast results?

Just as people’s skin types differ, so do reports from around the world as to the length of time it takes for rosehip oil to work its magic.

You may read about someone who’s been using rosehip oil as a remedy for acne scarring, and that they’d seen significant progress after just a few weeks of twice-daily applications.

While this can and does happen, everyone’s skin is different and scars vary greatly, it’s important to exercise a little patience if your scars don’t fade as quickly as you’d hope or expect.

Will rosehip make scars disappear completely?

Over time, and with the regular use of rosehip oil or other emollients, all kinds of scars are likely to fade eventually to some degree. Although, depending on their severity or depth, some types of scar won’t disappear entirely.

Even if you have an old scar from years past that you’ve not previously used any kind of remedy on to help it fade, its appearance can still dramatically improve if you start applying rosehip oil to the scar, so it’s never too late to start!

With respect to new or recent surgery scars, regular use of rosehip oil on a daily basis should produce a reduction in redness between six weeks to two months, but, again, it’s different for everyone.

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