Are Scabs On Your Scalp A Sign Of Something Else?

Scabs on the scalp

Whether your scalp has broken out in itchy little bumps, or you’re just noticing the odd spot here and there, scabs on the scalp can indicate that there’s something going on that needs taking care of.

We’ve got a fuller list of possible causes in our blog Why Have I Got Scabs on My Scalp?!, but here are a few of the most common reasons for scabs appearing on the scalp:

  • A flare-up of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis
  • Bacterial or fungal infections of the scalp
  • Irritation from toiletries such as shampoo or shower gel
  • Stress
  • Head lice
  • Poor diet

It might be reassuring to know that most scabby scalps clear up by themselves fairly quickly, but it’s worth looking at the toiletries you’re using, the food you’re eating, how much stress you’re under or how well you’re eating and sleeping: all of these things can have an effect on the scalp.

Most importantly, scabs appearing on your scalp is a sign to take yourself and your wellbeing more seriously.

If your scalp problem don’t clear up within a week, is very painful, keeps recurring or is showing signs of infection, then see your GP.

Three simple strategies for healthier scalps:

  1. Every other day: wash hair with a SLS-free, unfragranced, non-irritating natural shampoo, like this one from Balmonds, which is simply a very pure and gentle wash without any aggravating nasties!
  2. Every week: Treat your scalp with an overnight purifying, conditioning treatment, like this award-winning, antimicrobial Scalp oil from Balmonds!
  3. All the time: boost your body’s resilience with a good diet and de-stressing strategies. See our info hub for lifestyle changes you can make to keep your skin in healthy condition.

Balmonds Scalp Oil

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