Can Acne Rosacea Go Away On Its Own?

Can Acne Rosacea Go Away On Its Own?

Like many inflammatory conditions, acne rosacea tends to come and go, with times where your face is smooth and calm, and other periods when you’re constantly struggling with wave after wave of persistent rashes or spots. 

Acne rosacea (more properly known as papulopustular, or subtype 2 rosacea) seems to affect more women in their thirties than any other demographic, and tends to be something that tails off as you get older, so in this respect at least it will probably, eventually, go away on its own! But during those peak rosacea years, is there anything you can do to make it go away?!

The good news is that even flares have a cycle to them, as the skin calms down naturally after breaking out, and there are things you can do, both in terms of medication and lifestyle changes. The aim of these is to:

Control flares

Sustain remission

This two-pronged attack on the condition should make a significant difference to how long flares last, how frequent they are and how severe they are while they last.


For more information about what can provoke flares of acne rosacea, see our article Top 6 Triggers of Acne Rosacea.
For more information on managing the condition naturally, see our article on the Best Natural Treatment For Acne Rosacea.


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