How To Stop A Rosacea Flare In Cold Weather

rosacea flare cold weather

Cold, dry, windy weather can be really bad for rosacea flare-ups, increasing the severity of flare-ups and making the condition harder to keep under control.

Our founder, Natalie Balmond, gives her top ten tips for managing your rosacea in winter.

10 Top Tips From A Natural Skincare Expert!
  1. Cover Your Face With A Scarf
    Use a scarf, a buff, a ski mask or a silk balaclava to cover your face if it’s really bitingly cold outside to prevent cold air from drying out the skin.

  2. Cover Your Face With An Ointment
    Use emollient ointment as a physical barrier to prevent your skin losing moisture, indoors and out.

  3. Cover Your Face With Sunscreen
    Protect your skin from winter sun damage with a high factor sunscreen if you're out on the slopes.

  4. Regulate Your Temperature With Clothing
    Wear layers of thin clothing, that can be easily adjusted as you go from place to place.

  5. Regulate The Temperature Indoors
    Avoid overheating by lowering the thermostat a couple of degrees and keep away from fireplaces and radiators. You might need to move your desk at work or be aware of where you sit when out with friends.

  6. Avoid Itchy Fabrics
    Ditch the wool and the polyester in favour of layers of light cotton or silk.

  7. Soak & Seal
    Bathe in warm - not hot - water for no longer than 15 minutes and moisturise immediately afterwards.

  8. Manage Your Stress
    Relax, take time out in nature, get enough sleep - basically take care of yourself as much as possible! Easy to say, of course, but hard to achieve, but do remember that your skin health is directly affected by your mental health, so stress levels need to be taken seriously.

  9. Identify Your Personal Triggers - And Avoid Them!
    Keep a rosacea diary to work out what gets you flared-up. You may find you need to avoid things like alcohol (particularly red wine), perfumed cosmetics, spicy food and very hot drinks.

  10. Moisturise And Nourish!
    Keep skin protected, nourished and well-hydrated by using a good, EFA-rich emollient oil or ointment at least a couple of times a day.

Our wonderful Intensive Facial Oil is rich in the essential fatty acids, vitamins and natural anti-inflammatories that rosacea sufferers need to help regulate the skin’s natural cycle of regeneration and repair.

Contains super-nutritious rosehip oil and soothing calendula flower oil, as well as lavender, chamomile and palmarosa essential oils.


Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil for rosacea


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