Is Drinking Lemon Water Good For Psoriasis?

A glass of warm water with a slice of lemon is meant to be good for all sorts of ills, but does it help psoriasis? We take a look at the effects of lemon water on the skin condition.

What is lemon water?

When people talk about ‘lemon water’, they usually mean a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon steeped in it. Proponents suggest you take a glass every day, usually first thing in the morning, using fresh, unwaxed lemons and filtered water.

This simple addition to your regime has been credited with boosting immunity, clearing acne, aiding digestion, cleansing the liver and freshening your breath! That’s a lot for such a basic remedy, but lemon certainly does contain some high powered nutrients that could explain such benefits.

How can lemon water help psoriasis? 

Most significantly, lemons are very rich in vitamin C, a key nutrient for immune system regulation and in skin repair, which may be where the association with psoriasis comes from. Psoriasis is a problem with the immune response, so anything that can support the healthy functioning of the immune system should be good for managing the condition. 

Advocates for lemon water treatment also say that it can alkalise the body, keeping it healthier and less burdened by toxins, though there isn’t hard evidence for this claim.

Problems with lemon water

The fact is that many people, especially those with psoriasis and eczema, can find citrus problematic. While you certainly wouldn’t want to put raw lemon straight on sore skin, is it any better taken as a drink? 

Well, that’s up for debate. Anecdotal evidence suggests it’s not something everyone with psoriasis can tolerate, with people reporting more flares when they tried drinking lemon water every day. Citrus is one of the most common triggers for inflammatory skin conditions from eczema to rosacea, and while there’s not enough evidence for an association with psoriasis, it would be sensible to be wary of the citrus family.

That’s not to say that some people don’t feel they’ve benefited from their daily dose of lemon water! As with anything to do with skin, everyone’s tolerances and triggers are different.

And at the very least, drinking an extra glass of water every day can keep you hydrated, which is always going to be beneficial for your skin! Maybe it might be worth keeping the water but ditching the lemon if you find your skin doesn’t get on with citrus.

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