Six Tips To Avoid A Flare-Up of Ear Eczema

Ear eczema

If you’re prone to eczema in or around the ears, here are six things you can do to help prevent a flare up!

1. Look at the toiletries you’re using

Shampoo, facial washes, cleansers, shower gels, hair products, skincare, etc. can all contain ingredients (whether synthetic preservatives, harsh perfumes or essential oils) which might be causing damage to your skin.

Switch to natural, unperfumed toiletries and skincare instead! See our article about swapping to natural here.

2. Avoid contact with allergens or irritants

Things like nickel earrings, headphones, hearing aids, phone cases, chlorine from swimming pools, rubber, plastics etc. can all trigger irritation.

3. Limit your exposure to water

...and moisturise immediately after bathing!

Have warm (not hot) baths and showers, and make them quick, to reduce the dehydrating effects of hot water.

You can also try smearing a layer of Skin Salvation over exposed skin before swimming to reduce water loss or irritation.

4. Be aware of environmental conditions

Cold wind, changes in humidity and temperature, central heating, extreme weather can all trigger flare-ups of ear eczema.

Try a humidifier if your environment inside is very drying, and be aware of how your heating can dehydrate skin.

Protect your ears when you’re outside with scarves, hats, as well as a good protective beeswax-based balm like Skin Salvation.

5. Prioritise your overall health

Look at reducing your stress levels, eating for good skin health (see our article here) and getting a good amount of sleep.

Your skin is directly affected by how much strain is put on your body and how healthy it is, so these are important considerations.

6. Moisturise!

Use a good, natural, unperfumed emollient every day to build resilient healthy skin! Even better if, like Skin Salvation, it contains things like hemp seed, calendula and beeswax, which will protect against moisture loss while feeding the skin with the vital nutrients it needs for its natural cycle of regeneration and repair.


For more information on what you can do to help yourself, check out our article The Best Natural Treatments for Ear Eczema!

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