What’s the Best (Award-Winning!) Treatment For Scabs On The Scalp?

We might be biased, but we’d recommend using our award-winning Balmonds Scalp Oil on any scabby, itchy, flaky scalps!

Why? Because when your scalp develop scabs, rashes, spots or bumps, you need to be very careful indeed what you use on it.

That means scouring the ingredients lists of shampoos, body washes, and hair products, and binning any that contain things that can irritate the skin. Ingredients that aggravate sensitive scalps include soap, perfume, and sulphates, as well as other known skin-irritants.

Instead, find non-irritant products which are rich in nourishing nutrients, and will help calm itchy, scabby skin, instead of inflaming it!

Balmonds Scalp Oil

What would we suggest? A trio of natural, non-irritant products that will work in tandem to clear troubled scalps, nourish depleted skin, and keep it in good, healthy, clean condition, without the irritating synthetics that can trigger scalp flare-ups.

  1. Balmonds Natural Shampoo & Body Wash, a mild two-in-one soap-free foaming cleanser, free from perfumes, soap, SLS and other ingredients that can strip the oils from sensitive skin, leaving it vulnerable to damage, itchiness, and irritation. Use it every other day as a shampoo and shower gel to keep hair and skin clean but not irritated.
  2. Balmonds Scalp Oil is an award-winning conditioning rescue oil for use on a scalp (or anywhere else on the body!) that needs some naturally antimicrobial action. It’s rich in essential oils, such as tea tree, nettle and borage, that are naturally antifungal and antibacterial, to combat spots, fungal infections and itchiness. It nourishes and hydrates dry, damaged skin, softening flakes and scales, so scabs are less likely to occur. 
  3. Skin Salvation, a rich, moisturising balm made from hemp seed oil and beeswax, that’s perfect for softening and protecting areas of scaly, flaky skin around the ears and the neck. Smooth it on anywhere that needs extra-intensive care.

Balmonds Scalp Oil & Natural Shampoo

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