Dry Skin Around The Eyes

Itchy, dry, allergy-prone eyes? Go natural!

The summer might be wonderful in many ways - sunshine, picnics, balmy evenings - but one thing it really excels at is making us itch!

Allergens such as pollen and pollutants are everywhere and many of us dread venturing outside when any trip is accompanied by constantly streaming, itchy eyes.

The skin in this area is particularly thin and delicate and can be extra susceptible to soreness even when your skin is fine elsewhere on your body, so it’s worth giving your eyes some extra special care at this time of year.

Cosmetics Might Be Causing Itchiness

Unfortunately for makeup junkies, it could be your new mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner that’s causing the soreness.

Cleansers and toners, perfumed face creams, soaps or any other product coming into direct contact with that area are all classic culprits, too.

TIP: Try our wonderfully pure and gentle 100% Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil if you want to avoid highly synthetic cleansers, makeup removers or soaps.

It’s worth remembering that anything you put in your hair - shampoo, conditioner, styling products etc - are likely to come into contact with your face and can trigger irritation or an eczema-type of reaction around the eyes, especially if you have a fringe or a hairstyle that covers some of your face.

TIP: Try switching to our SLS and perfume-free Natural Shampoo if you suspect that high street hair care might be causing irritation.

Environmental Allergens And Your Eyes

These include pet hair, dust, grass seed, pollen, detergents, weed killer sprayed on verges, even other people’s perfume. You may have patted a dog and then rubbed your eyes, or it could be the pollutants on your walk to work that are causing your eyes to stream and your skin to itch.

It could equally well be mould, dust mites, or smoke, but of course, short of wearing a gas mask at all times, it can be almost impossible to avoid these sort of irritants!

Can Skin Salvation Help Dry, Itchy Eyes?

Whatever the source of the itch, you’ll need something that will protect, moisturise and nourish the skin. And luckily, that’s exactly what Skin Salvation can do!

1. It Creates A Barrier

Your eyes stream in response to allergens such as dust or pollen in order to flush out irritants, but those salty tears can be really bad for the skin around them and constantly rubbing the eyes makes things even worse!

Skin Salvation ointment can help by providing a fine barrier which prevents tears from coming into contact with already sore skin, working much like a nappy barrier cream. Because it’s so mild and natural, the balm is especially suitable for the incredibly delicate area around the eyes.

It also works to catch dust particles and pollen in the air, preventing them from invading your body and causing a reaction. You can also use it around the nostrils to do the same thing: really useful for hay fever sufferers!

2. It Moisturises

That dry, sore, broken skin really needs moisture! Frequent applications of an effective emollient like Skin Salvation can replace moisture lost to dehydration and keep skin cells healthy and plump.

3. It Nourishes

All skin types need nutrients and vitamins in order to repair and rebuild themselves.

Essential fatty acids, for example, provide building blocks for the skin’s protective barrier and Skin Salvation, with all its organic hemp seed, safflower and olive oils, does a brilliant job of feeding the skin with what it needs to stay in good, healthy, supple condition.

TIP: When applying the salve around the eyes, warm up a small amount between your fingers first and then very gently dab the ointment onto the skin, without rubbing.

You can re-apply as often as you need throughout the day (just avoid applying in very bright full sunlight as the ointment is oily and could burn!).

Recommended products for skin around eyes

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with hemp and beeswax

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with rosehip, calendula, lavender & chamomile

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