How Can I Use Hemp Oil For My Skin?

Hemp oil is such a incredibly nourishing oil - rich in essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and skin-protecting antioxidants - that we should all be bathing in the stuff!

And that applies doubly for those with faulty skin barrier functions, and whose skin need a little extra help and protection from damage.

How can I use hemp seed oil to benefit my skin?

The great thing about hemp is that you can take it both externally and internally!

Hemp in your diet:

You can add hemp seed oil to your diet in various ways - just remember not to heat it to high temperatures!

  • Replace dairy milk with hemp milk
  • Sprinkle milled hemp seeds on your cereals or add to smoothies
  • Make salad dressings with hemp oil
  • Bake hemp seed flapjacks
  • Take a couple of teaspoons of hemp seed oil in the morning
  • Add hemp oil to your homemade hummus
  • Make pesto with hemp seeds or hemp seed oil

Hemp on your skin:

You can also treat skincare made with hemp seed oil as if it were a vitamin! In fact, it’s been shown that treating eczema with topically applied EFA-rich oils is even more effective than taking EFAs as supplements. The goodness of the oil goes straight to where it’s needed without having to be digested first.

It you want to make the most of hemp’s amazing skin-kind properties, boost your EFA intake not just by splashing it in smoothies, salads and flapjacks, but also by putting the oil straight onto your skin with hemp-rich products, such as Skin Salvation, our Bath & Body Oil or our Daily Moisturising Cream.

Recommended Product:

Skin Salvation

Skin Salvation's gentle formulation with natural ingredients reduces the risk of skin irritation and itchiness from synthetic additives, and means that it is also suitable for people who may be prone to psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.



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