What Is Hemp Oil Good For?

A Guide To Using Hemp Seed Oil For Troubled Skin

Hemp seed oil (not to be confused with its more colourful cousins, CBD oil or THC oil: see our handy guide to which hemp oil is which) is a marvellous thing. And it is a particularly marvellous thing for troubled skin. Why? Because it is full of exactly the nutrients - vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids - that a dehydrated epidermis really needs.

What Is Hemp Seed Oil?

The hemp seed oil we use to make Skin Salvation comes from the Cannabis Indica plant, a wonderfully useful crop, grown for its leaves and stalks as well as its seeds. The rest of the plant goes to make rope, biofuel, clothes and even bio-plastics, making hemp an all-around eco-warrior, sustainably and ethically harvested, but we’re interested in the properties of those nutritious little seeds and what they can do for our bodies.

The seeds are cold-pressed and minimally processed, so all that goodness stays in the oil. The greener and grassier the oil, the better, which is why Skin Salvation has its distinctive herbal scent and beautiful colour: it shows we’re working with the best quality oil possible.

How Does It Work For Skin?

Hemp seeds are super rich in a whole range of nutrients: they’re particularly packed full of skin-kind essential fatty acids such as Omegas 3, 6, & 9, but also contain antioxidants such as Vitamins D and E, twenty different amino acids as well as phytosterols, phospholipids and minerals including calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus.


Putting hemp seed oil directly on your skin is like giving it a supercharged vitamin shot!


All these fantastic nutrients keep cell membranes strong and flexible, so that the skin works as an effective barrier to the outside world, keeping moisture in and irritants out. They help keep the skin in good condition to battle acne and psoriasis, to regenerate and repair damaged or scarred areas, resist inflammation and soften dry, cracked or rough patches. Hemp seed oil even has antimicrobial properties, which can work against fungal or bacterial infections.

In fact, putting hemp seed oil directly on your skin is like giving it a supercharged vitamin shot. If the wind, the cold and horribly dehydrating central heating are conspiring to strip the moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and cracked and vulnerable to flare-ups, now is exactly the time to pile on the hemp.

How Does Skin Salvation Use Hemp?

We use top quality, organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil in a whole range of our natural skincare products, so you can lavish your skin with extra-special hemp care in many ways!

Obviously our hero product, Skin Salvation ointment, is a great way of using hemp to look after dry or sensitive skin; here, hemp is combined with olive and safflower oils (both with their own particular skin-kind properties) to make a thick, rich, traditional salve. But you can also find it in our Daily Moisturising Cream, Intensive Hand Cream, Bath & Body Emollient Oil, and, maybe more surprisingly, in our fantastically nourishing Scalp Oil, and Cooling Cream.

So why not stock up on the hemp and load up with the nutrients your skin needs?

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